a). Leadership Empowerment

Warriors and Herdsmen: Service, Compassion and Bravery in Leadership

In our quest to maximize the future, we easily forget that it is the knowledge of our ancient ancestors that brought us to the present. In this presentation, Herman goes historical, sharing ideas from the warriors and herdsmen of his ancient tribe, the Maragoli, of Western Kenya. Having learnt directly from his grandfather, a warrior and herdsman, Herman discusses how these two roles demonstrated service to society, compassion for the weak and bravery for the community. This speech is entertaining and educational, delivering real wisdom through ideas that touch the core of human nature and inspire us to live a better life.

Hakuna Matata: Learning to De-stress, De-clutter and Re-invigorate your Life

The phrase “Hakuna Matata” has been popularized by the Lion King movie. What few people know is that this phrase is originally from Kenya and was for many years the national welcome song for visitors to the country after being developed by a 1970s Kenyan band. “Hakuna Matata” is a Swahili phrase that means “No Problems”. In this presentation, Herman transports audiences to Kenya and invites them to a better life – a life with no stress and no clutter, essentially, a life of no worries. This speech does not naively tell you “No Problem”. It empowers you with ideas on how you can turn around problem situations into invigorating solutions. For a presentation that will reinvigorate your life consider “Hakuna Matata”.

b). Organizational Development

Unshackle Your Organization’s Potential: Productivity, Diversity and Community Relations

The 21st Century market place calls for a new kind of organization. Gone are the days when companies did the bare minimum and still got by. In today’s world there must be a quest for excellence. Organizations must be productive, embrace diversity and also show a concern for their communities. This presentation encourages organizations and their leaders to pursue the full potential of their capabilities. Herman shows how positioning can bring maximum results to the organization and make it a respected member of its society.

Hot Pursuit of Slowness: African Time Management Principles for a Fast Paced American Culture

This speech compares and contrasts life in the western hemisphere with life in Africa. After moving from Kenya to the US in 2001, Herman did not expect to find a culture infatuated with speed – people walk fast towards their fast cars so that they can drive fast; they sleep fast so that they can wake up fast, get an instant cup of coffee as they read fast company; they drive by the fast food place so that they can have a fast dinner as they watch the fast and the furious. This speech recommends a hot pursuit of slowness – living on “African time.” Remember, slow is the new fast.

Why Kenyans Dominate the Olympics: Healthy Competition and Teamwork as the Hallmarks of Leadership

Why do people always ask Herman if he can run fast? Many people have assumed that all Kenyans run very fast. What makes them win all the medals at the Olympics, sometimes completing a hat trick by taking gold, silver and bronze in a race? Is it in their genes? Is it some secret food they have in Kenya? Third world countries do not have performance-enhancing drugs. How do these people win consistently and continually? What’s the key to their tremendous success? Do they have state-of-the-art training facilities in Kenya? Do they have special shoes? No, some of them run barefoot. All these and many other vital questions are answered through this speech.

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