Attitude is a Formula: How to Live a Better Life

Most people struggle on a daily basis to attain a higher standard of life. What is a high standard of life? What distinguishes a mediocre life from a vibrant life? What are the ingredients of a life full of flavor and color? What spices add zest and gusto to life? What is the most important factor for success in life? The key is in attitude. As Denis Waitley once said, "The winner's edge is not in a gifted birth, high IQ or in talent. The winner's edge is in attitude, not aptitude. Attitude is the criterion for success". If you are looking for a presentation which gives practical advice on the power of attitude, consider this one. Herman can weave this speech so as to be used at any point in your conference and for any audience size.

Climbing Mountains: Lessons from Pike’s Peak and Mount Kenya

Climbing Mountains is an inviting encounter, which encourages effort, determination, persistence, passion, discipline, pursuit and fitness. It is much easier for most people to descend than ascend. This dynamic presentation makes use of Herman’s insights gathered while hiking up Mount Kenya in Africa and Pike’s Peak in Colorado. It also borrows from his life journey from Kenya and other countries he has visited: England, Tanzania, Jamaica, Uganda and the United States. The presentation is developed around an acronym of KENYA.

Unshackle Your Potential: Discovering and Defining your Life Purpose

This inspiring message is designed to empower the audience so that they can discover and define their life purpose. Herman equips his listeners with crucial keys that unlock human potential. He shares his challenges in the pursuit of his own personal potential and helps audiences realize that they can emancipate themselves from the shackles that limit human potential. Herman’s powerful, yet easy-to-understand guidelines will challenge his listeners to get out of their comfort zones and apply themselves towards a cause that impacts society in a positive way. This presentation will usher your audience to a whole new life of leverage – a better life.

The Hero’s Journey: Life Lessons from a Kenyan Initiation Ceremony

At six years old, a child is sent to undergo an initiation into adulthood amongst his people, the Maragoli, near Lake Victoria in Western Kenya. There he absorbs tremendous wisdom from the elders and undergoes a ceremony that leaves a lasting impact on him. With honesty and inspiration, Herman recounts his journey into manhood to illustrate the hero’s journey we all can travel, and the importance of reclaiming one’s life away from the driven scripts we are given by society. In this age of making impressions, survival for the fittest, carefree living and individuality, we are each being called to tap into our authentic selves and show up for society. Herman believes in the inherent goodness and wisdom in each one of us, and our ability – when given the choice – to do great things. Participants will recognize their own journey, its significant turning points and its inherent dignity within Herman’s words, and emerge empowered and inspired to make powerfully authentic personal decisions.

Mental Exodus: Learning to exit the Loser’s Club and join the Winner’s Circle

Fame. Success. Notoriety… That is what our celebrity-obsessed culture paints for young people as the goal in life. Should we automatically follow society’s definition of success or develop our own definition? Is the appearance of success the same as being successful? How do we define success and how does it differ from significance? What is truly significant in life? At the end of our lives, what story will fill up the dash in between our birthday and our last day on earth? This speech helps to cultivate a philosophy of life that makes one a winner in life. Your mind, once stretched by the insight of this speech, will never go back to its original dimensions.

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