Herman's approach to life is captured in his REAL story. REAL is an acrostic for Reflective philosophy, Educational path, Assessment surveys, and Leadership portfolio. For more on the REAL story please follow the links above. Following is an account of the background to the REAL story.


The real story of Herman's life can be summarized through an analogy of Roots, Shoots, Branches, Leaves, and Fruit:

Roots: Herman's life journey began in the Western part of Kenya in East Africa. Herman was born in Kisumu, about 30 miles from his family's home of origin in Maragoli, not too far from the border with Uganda. Herman had his primary, secondary, and undergraduate education in Kenya, graduating from The University of Nairobi with a Bachelor's degree in Education in December 2000.  

Shoots: In 1999 Herman signed up for a short-term trip to Kakuma Refugee Camp near Lake Turkana in Northern Kenya where he served locals and refugees from Ethiopia, Sudan, and Uganda. There in Turkana he met a couple from Iowa in the United States of America who had retired, sold their possessions, and committed themselves to serving in Kenya. The couple gave him a magazine detailing the work of a youth ministry in Garden Valley, TX - Teen Mania Ministries. On heading back home Herman applied for Teen Mania's Honor Academy Internship and was accepted. He arrived in Dallas, TX on August 21, 2001 with one hundred forty dollars ($140) in his pocket, a small twenty-one (21) inch suitcase, and a dream that powered rapid personal development.

Branches: After his full year internship, Herman branched out and enrolled in the Organizational Leadership program at Regent University in Virginia Beach, VA. The program allowed Herman to live, work, and travel across the US while attending classes. During this time Herman lived and worked in Tyler, TX; Gypsum, CO; and Springfield, MA. He traveled across the US, sometimes by plane but mostly through road trips, stepping foot in 33 different states within a span of 3 years. Four of the trips were drives from Texas to Washington State in May 2002, Colorado to Massachusetts in February 2003, Massachusetts to Tennessee in December 2003, Tennessee to Virginia in May 2004, and Tennessee to New York in December 2004. 

Leaves: Just before his graduation from Regent, Herman decided to leave the single life and moved to Nashville, TN where he proposed on New Year's Eve in 2004 to a young lady originally from Harlem, NY. Danyetta Dawson and Herman had met in an elective course at Regent University and become best friends. The couple wedded in Ashland City, TN on Valentine's Day in February 2004. In November 2005 the couple decided to leave Nashville, TN and moved to Omaha, NE. Herman and Danyetta lived in Omaha for a year and a half before deciding to leave for Cincinnati, OH in February 2007.    

Fruit: Herman and Danyetta are the blessed parents of two children. Jumba is 10 and was born in Omaha, NE. Diane is 6 and was born in Cincinnati, OH. The Najolis make their home in West Price Hill. Danyetta engages community through a local organization whose focus is on advancing inclusive lives and celebrating person's interests, skills, and passions. Herman empowers others toward personal transformation by serving through a local ministry, a small-member church, and a local education center. The family enjoys traveling back to Kenya every couple of years for people development experiences. 

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