Keynotes and Signature Speeches

Herman's quest is to spur the human spirit toward greatness and equip people with knowledge and insight for living a better life. His passion is to live a life that embodies experiences that lift up the human spirit, for it is not the words that inspire others but the person. This page outlines some topics that Herman can speak on. Each of these talks will be custom-tailored to fit your needs and goals. 


  • The American Dream From A Kenyan Heart
  • The Immigrant Attitude: Why Foreigners Succeed in America
  • No Paths in the Bush: Breakthrough thoughts from the African Jungle
  • The Road to Arrival: Ten Empowering Principles for Making Your Dream or Vision a Reality
  • From the Village to the City: Managing Change, Handling People and Developing Strategies that Work


a). Leadership Empowerment

  • Warriors and Herdsmen: Service, Compassion and Bravery in Leadership
  • Hakuna Matata: Learning to De-Stress, De-Clutter and Re-Invigorate Your Life

b). Organizational Development

  • Unshackle Your Organization’s Potential: Productivity, Diversity and Community Relations
  • Hot Pursuit of Slowness: African Time Management Principles for a Fast Paced American Culture
  • Why Kenyans Dominate the Olympics: Healthy Competition and Teamwork as the Hallmarks of Leadership

Customizable Seminars

  • Attitude is a Formula: How to Live a Better Life
  • Climbing Mountains: Lessons from Pike’s Peak and Mount Kenya
  • Unshackle Your Potential: Discovering and Defining your Life Purpose
  • The Hero’s Journey: Life Lessons from a Kenyan Initiation Ceremony
  • Mental Exodus: Learning to exit the Loser’s Club and join the Winner’s Circle

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