The Assessment Surveys comprises of diverse tests and measures that I have taken over the years. These include the Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI), the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), the DISC Profile, the Motivational Gifts Survey, the Strengths Finder, and the Values-In-Action (VIA) Character Survey. Results from each of these follow below:

The Leadership Practices Inventory 

Personal analysis of the results from the individual and observer ratings of my Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) scores can be accessed here: Personal LPI Scores 

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator

This personality test has been extremely helpful in diverse workplace settings. My MBTI results indicated that my type is ENTJ. This is characterized by being decisive and assuming leadership readily. I can quickly see illogical and inefficient procedures and policies. I enjoy long-term planning and goal setting. I am well-informed, well read; enjoy expanding my knowledge and passing it on to others. I also do my best in presenting creative ideas.

The DISC Profile

The DISC Profile has aided in clarifying my strengths to various organizational settings. My personal profile enabled me to realize that I work exceptionally well for a defined cause. This is beneficial in that it cultivates loyalty to leadership and the organization.Another strength that I uncovered from the profile was that I am creative in my approach to problem solving. It also unveiled my strengths as a "people person". The ability to attract, motivate and inspire people is key to the success of the organization.

The DiSC profile also was instrumental in helping me to develop a healthy understanding of my weaknesses.
Among these were: 1. Tendency to not project a sense of urgency. 2. Being defensive when risk is involved. 3. Yielding to avoid controversy. 4. Need for help in prioritizing new assignments. 5. Holding a grudge if my personal beliefs are attacked.

To improve on strengths, the DiSC profile provides tips like communication tips, descriptors that harness one’s behavioral tendencies so that they can be improved on, a behavioral factor indicator, and a specific analysis of factors that govern an employee’s style. In overcoming the weaknesses above, my strategy is to harness a sharp vision of the future, be more risk averse, embrace conflict and controversy, develop goals and priorities and learn to cultivate an open mind to other people’s input into my ideas.

 Motivational Gifts Survey

The Motivational Gifts Survey is a seven-scale instrument that was developed by one of my professors at Regent University, Dr. Dorena DellaVecchio, to measure the Romans 12 motivational gifts. My results indicated the following:

Perceiver: 70%, Server: 70%, Teacher: 95%, Encourager: 85%, Giver: 46%, Ruler: 90%, and Showing Mercy: 66%

The Clifton Strengths Finder 2.0 

Results from the Strengths Finder Assessment indicated that my Top 5 Strengths are: 


My Personalized Strengths Insights contains an indepth analysis of my strengths. This has been helpful in further clarifying my strengths and value-impact in diverse settings